Is it still worth getting a flu vaccination?

2019 has proven to be one of the most severe years for influenza on record across most states in Australia. The influenza “season” came earlier and there have been higher number of reported flu cases and illness related to flu than typical years. For those who haven’t had the influenza vaccine already, is it still worth having a flu vaccination? 

For many people the answer to the question is yes. The vaccine provides protection against 3 or 4 common strains of influenza. This can lead to a reduction in risk of flu-related complications like hospitalisation from respiratory illness. This is particularly relevant for pregnant women, infants, older people and people with chronic illness such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma. Aside from these groups, influenza is an infection that can affect all age groups. If you have questions, it is worth having a chat with your doctor.

One significant issue that we have experienced in WA in 2019 has been shortage in the of vaccinations due to very strong uptake by the public. Currently we have a good supply of influenza vaccination for all age groups. If you would like to book in for an influenza vaccination, please let our reception staff know when you make your appointment.