Frequently Asked Questions


Currambine is a private billing practice. Our fees vary according to the length of consultation, for example:

Fee Rebate Gap
75.00 37.05 37.95
Early Morning / Evening
85.00 37.05 47.95
110.00 71.70 38.30
140.00 105.55 34.45

If you are experiencing financial hardship, let us know so we can make alternative arrangements. We believe that no one should go without.

Current pension cardholders or child under 16 years old or in full time school we offer no out-of-pocket cost appointments (bulk billing) with selected Doctors during regular office hours. 

Health care card holders will be privately billed at a reduced rate, Bulk Billing may be available if required. Please discuss this with your Doctor or our friendly reception staff.

**All Appointments that are scheduled before 8am or after 5pm and on Saturdays will be privately billed. This includes children, pensioners and health care card holders.

We can lodge your Medicare claim on your behalf electronically immediately after your appointment. In most cases Medicare will pay the rebate into your account by the end of the next business day. To register your bank details with Medicare, please use this LINK.


Please advise us if you need to cancel your appointment as soon as possible so that we can care for someone else. We may charge a fee if you repeatedly fail to attend for your appointment.


We reserve some urgent appointments for emergencies or urgent matters. Please let us know the urgency so we can help you make a timely appointment. We keep a standby list if these urgent appointments have all been used.


A standard appointment is usually between 10-15 minutes. Please ask the receptionist to book a long consultation if you need a general check-up, have more than one problem to be dealt with or need a consultation that will include counselling.


If you need a referral to a specialist, please make an appointment at least one week prior to your specialist appointment. This allows us to write a letter containing all the relevant information. Please note that it is illegal for us to backdate a referral.

If you need a prescription, we ask that you book an appointment when you are on your last repeat. We often need to check that the medication is still appropriate, optimal and safe.

If you need a medical certificate, we need to see you to certify that you are unfit for work. To do this, please book an appointment.


We try hard to keep to time, however injured and unexpectedly ill patients can, and do, cause delay. You can help too. Please ask the receptionist to book a long consultation if you need a general check-up, have several problems or need a consultation that will include counselling.


Please ring our reception staff for your results, usually one week after the test has been collected. It helps if you can ring in the afternoon. The doctor will write whether you need to be seen or not. If you need further information, you may need to make an appointment to discuss the result with your doctor.

Privacy laws make it illegal for us to disclose any information about a patient, even to family members, without their prior consent. If you want a family member to have access to your results, please let our receptionists know to make a note of this in your record.

As it is important to keep interruptions to a minimum, it will not generally be possible for the doctor to take a patient’s phone calls during a consultation. The doctor will return your call as soon as possible. Please let us know if it is urgent.


We keep your records electronically on a secure server. This includes tests, letters, certificates, correspondence, prescriptions, and referrals.


We want to make you happy. We’re proud of our practice, but if you have any feedback, please contact us.

The Practice Manager
Currambine Family Practice
2/4 Hobsons Gate
Currambine 6028

We take all complaints seriously and your feedback is important to us, so please write.


Our after hours service is run by WADMS at 08 9321 9133. Call them for urgent review after hours or visit their web site. WADMS

Alternatively, an after hours GP service operates from 7pm to 11pm weekdays and 11am to 11pm weekends.

Joondalup After Hours GP
60 Shenton Avenue
Joondalup 6027

The phone number is 08 9400 9988AFTER HOURS CLINIC

If you have an emergency, go to the emergency department.

Joondalup Health Campus
60 Shenton Avenue
Joondalup 6027

If you are uncertain if you need to see a doctor, call Health Direct for contact with a nurse or a doctor over the phone who will give advice on whether the issue can wait or if urgent care is necessary. Their phone number is 1800 022 222 and you can access details on their service through this link. HEALTH DIRECT


We have a system to follow up with health checks and disease reviews. We may not recall for routine vaccination, however always recall for pap smears.


Medicare requirements for the visits are that you have:

  • a chronic medical condition that has complex care needs

  • care needs that require 3 or more care providers with ongoing responsibility for your care.

If you fulfill both of these conditions, a GP care plan, team care arrangement and referral can be created. Please note that this process does take time as we will need to correspond with other practitioners involved with your care.