4 Steps To Help Children Deal With Emotions

Emotional skills are something all kids need in order to succeed in life. As a parent, you hate to see your child crying or unhappy and you try your best to fix it, but it doesn't help them in the long run. Dr. Susan David says "We step into the child's emotional space with our platitudes, advice and ideas. Many common parental strategies, like minimizing either the emotion or the underlying problem or rushing to the rescue, fail to help the child learn how to help himself."   

Dr. David offers 4 steps to help children deal with emotions. The first step is to FEEL IT. Feel where they are coming from emotionally and realize that they have their own emotional world. The second step is to SHOW IT. Expressions like "boys don't cry" or "brush it off" are only teaching kids to hide their emotions, when it is best for them to show it. The third step is to LABEL IT. Teach them how to identify and label their emotions because it will help their ability to empathize. The last step is to WATCH IT GO. Show them that these feelings are temporary and they don't last forever. Children grow and feel stronger when they realize its not how you feel, but how you respond to your feelings.